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White Supremacy Scavenger Hunt

A collection of stuffed elephants of varying colors and sizes



  1. Gather Your Team: Find your friends who want to play and review the clues and mugshots of elephants representing Characteristics of White Supremacy Culture (Okun, Jones) on ARE’s social media channels (Facebook and Instagram). Or, stop by the Allies for Racial Equity booth (#341) in the Exhibit Hall for a hand-out to play low-tech. 

  2. Do Your Homework: Each clue points to a workshop session, group, or public space at GA where elephants may show up. It’s worth going through your program booklet carefully. If you miss a session where you suspect an elephant was lurking, find a facilitator and ask if they have seen the culprit! Keep a watchful eye. White Supremacy Culture can show up anywhere!

  3. Plan Your Action: When you spot an elephant, approach carefully as they can be dangerous! But the handlers know you are coming and can provide insights into how to tame the beast. Let’s talk about the #ElephantInTheRoom at #UUAGA.

    NOTE: If an elephant handler doesn’t have time at the moment, or offers a different learning opportunity, kindly respect those boundaries. This is about countering oppression after all!

  4. Get Receipts: To capture an elephant, take a (personal or team) selfie with it, and their handler if possible, and post it along with what you are learning on your favorite social media channel and/or the GA app. Use the hashtag #ElephantInTheRoom. Low-tech players can present selfies at the ARE booth.

  5. Claim Victory: Once you have captured them all, stop by the ARE Booth (#341) in the Exhibit Hall. To claim your reward, show us captures from your camera roll or social media feed. Individuals who can show personal or team selfies with all 15 elephants are eligible for the reward.

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The White Supremacy Culture Scavenger Hunt and White Supremacy Bingo are being played in-person at the UUA General Assembly in Spokane, WA, June 19-23, 2019.

We are building an anti-racist movement of white Unitarian Universalists to dismantle white supremacy in ourselves, our congregations, and communities.

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