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Upcoming Events

    • 09/26/2020
    • 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM (EDT)

    ARE Community Caucus III

    We invite White Unitarian Universalists to join one of three upcoming virtual caucus sessions in September. These caucasus are intended to nourish anti-racist community; to inspire attendees with a sense of parallel connectedness to DRUUMM (Diverse Revolutionary Unitarian Universalist Multicultural Ministries); and practice flexing race-conscious reflection and analysis for sustainable anti-racist work. 

    DRUUMM is a Unitarian Universalist People of Color Ministry and anti-racist collective bringing lay and religious professionals together to overcome racism through resistance and transform Unitarian Universalism through our multicultural experiences.  ARE’s Community Caucuses are being held concurrent with the Fall 2020 DRUUMM Regional BIPOC Caucuses.

    Allies for Racial Equity supports Unitarian Universalist faith communities by helping congregations take bold steps to undo white supremacy and plant seeds of justice. This ministry of faith leads participants to spiritual growth and wholeness while honoring our humanity and offering grace and accountability.

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    • Each caucus will last approximately 90 minutes
    • Each caucus will have the same format
    • Caucuses will be held via Zoom
    • You are welcome to attend more than one

Past Events

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09/12/2020 ARE Community Caucus I
08/25/2020 UUA GA Debrief
06/28/2020 Building Resilience as White Folk for Uncomfortable Conversations
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06/26/2020 White Caucus Time at Virtual GA
06/25/2020 Intro to ARE Exhibit Hall Webinar
06/24/2020 ARE Membership Meeting at Virtual GA
07/01/2019 ARE GA Debrief - Report from Spokane, WA
06/23/2019 weARE@GA Volunteer Dinner and Debrief
06/23/2019 weARE@GA Membership Meeting
06/20/2019 Meet Shelly Tochluk: Book-Signing
06/20/2019 Expanding "We" in Racial Justice: White People's Work (Tochluk)
06/20/2019 Consensus Decision-Making to Counter Oppression I & II
06/20/2019 Body Practices for Unlearning White Supremacy
06/19/2019 weARE@GA In-Gathering
06/19/2019 ARE at UUA General Assembly
06/10/2019 ARE GA prep orientation - June 10th
06/05/2019 ARE GA prep orientation - June 5th
04/28/2019 Post-Assembly Institute - Tools, Tips, Tricks, and Tactics for Effective Action
04/13/2019 Countering Oppression Inside and Out: Tools, Tips, Tricks, and Tactics to Disrupt White Supremacy - Spring 2019
09/29/2018 Countering Oppression Inside and Out: Tools, Tips, Tricks, and Tactics to Disrupt White Supremacy
10/29/2016 2016 ARE Bay Area Gathering with DRUUMM
06/02/2016 Exhibiting Allied Behavior at General Assembly
03/13/2015 Healing the Waters: Environmental Justice Conference
03/14/2014 ARE Annual Conference 2014: Movement Building for Beloved Community
03/15/2013 ARE Annual Conference 2013

We are building an anti-racist movement of white Unitarian Universalists to dismantle white supremacy in ourselves, our congregations, and communities.

Upcoming Events

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